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3 Step Advanced Content Marketing Strategy

Are looking for a content marketing strategy that will work in 2021, then stick around. So I have worked with many, many different types of businesses, marketing strategy has worked across the board for every industry that I have worked with no matter what. So it’s a very simple three-step Content Marketing Strategy. It’s just really difficult to execute all three steps effectively. So jumping right into a point

Content Marketing Strategy Step 1: Start Research

The first thing that we need to do is our Content Marketing research. You should know your target audience by now. Those are the people that you’re trying to reach for your business. This is your ideal client. So based on your ideal client, you need to figure out the specific platform that those people are on. Once you figure out that specific platform, you need to figure out the ins and outs of that platform. Once you figure out the ins and outs of that platform, you can figure out the type of content that platform works best for. And then based on that platform and the type of content that that platform does well on, that’s the type of content that you should be making. Now don’t forget.

You should also be making the type of content that your audience is searching for. You don’t want to just go out all Willy and just say, Oh, I want to make content for everybody. That’s fine. But you need to be doing content that people are searching for. So the things that they’re typing into the Google box, that’s what you should be making your content around because you need to be answering the questions that your target audience has. The more helpful you can be to them by providing answers that they’re searching for. Then eventually when they’re searching for higher-level answers, they’re going to be coming to you to answer those higher-level questions, which ultimately is how you make more money in your business. So once you’re able to identify where your audience is, what platform they enjoy, what is trending on that platform, how each platform works specifically, what they’re typing in that platform, how your audience is interacting with that platform. Then we can get around to point number two,

Content Marketing Strategy Step 2: Content Creation

This is the fun part and creating your Content Marketing Strategy contents. So with creating your content, I say it’s easy because it’s blog posting, shooting a video, making a post, whatever it may be. Well, it’s a little bit more challenging. If you want to do it the right way, you want to educate your audience. while also entertaining them. If you could combine education and entertainment, you’re going to find that beautiful mix. That’s going to get everybody happy and want to, you know, just be a part of your community.

What I like to do with my marketing strategy is called the help first marketing strategy. I love to provide value. I love to help people first before I ever ask for sales later. And typically I don’t even have to ask for sales because I’ve helped somebody so much whenever they need actual true help and they want to pay for whatever service it is that I offer the businesses that I’ve worked with the offer I’ve already provided so much value that they feel like they should have already paid me for whatever services that they’re they’re looking for. So to build this community, to build this overall brand, to build this content that works, you’ve got to be consistent and you’ve got to be entertaining while educating somebody. You’ve gotta be able to hold attention so that they want to come back consistently to see what it is that you have to say. Once you’ve posted that beautiful piece of content that you’ve made, you’ve optimized it for whatever that platform is because you’ve done your research. You’ve done everything that you’re supposed to do, which that might be great. It brings us to point number three,

Content Marketing Strategy Step 3: Amplify Your Message

This is the most important step in Content Marketing Strategy. Everything’s all fine and good. If you just post your content, that could be great. But what I work with most is these small businesses that typically don’t have a digital presence to start with. And if you don’t have an audience to see the content that you just made, how can you get business from them. In today’s day and age eyeballs, equal dollars and in Digital Marketing views equal dollars. So the more views and the more eyeballs, the more money ultimately that your business can make. So what I say with amplifying your message, the more eyeballs we can get on that message, that beautiful piece of content that we researched and did all that time to make and create the more eyeballs we can get on it. The more our business is going to thrive.

So how do we do that? We can run digital ads. We can put ads and brand awareness ads to get that message out in front of more people. And that’s the way that you can kind of amplify that message that you’ve done all this research to put in front of your target audience. Now don’t forget, you already have an audience that already follows you. That already loves you. That already trusts you. You can send it out through your email list. You can post it on whatever social media platform that you already have. Some sort of awareness on. Make sure you’re already using those things to put your message out there so you can amplify whatever that message is that you’ve already created.

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So that’s it. It’s a three-step Content Marketing Strategy process. Simple. Do your research, create the content that’s educational entertainment, and then spend the dollars to get more eyeballs on that piece of content that you created. I hope this article helpful for you. Comment your valuable response below

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