Best Passive Income Ideas

Top 50 Best Passive Income Ideas

So, let’s talk about the 50 Best Passive Income Ideas. passive income is a goal or a dream for many people. but they run away from because they don’t know where to start. as adults most of us find ourselves running in the same race as everyone else. I think how did we get there and if there is a way out, today I am sharing a list of 50 Best Passive Income Ideas for financial freedom and independence

Passive Income vs Active Income

Many people talk about this. You hear everybody talking about, “Oh, I get all this passive income.” But what is passive income? So,  by my Best Passive Income Ideas definition, I do not have to go into anyone’s office or do any actual activity to earn that money. For example, I have real estate property that gives me passive income and I call it passive because I have a property manager that manages the property, they handle paying the bills, they handle the tenants, they handle it. So, it is passive income for me. I pay them a fee out of what the tenants pay me. And that is how they’re paid. So, it doesn’t necessarily cost me anything. That is Best Passive Income Ideas.

Additionally, I have books that I have written. I get royalty checks from my books. I have YouTube, I have digital marketing skill, I have a podcast. I have all of these different things of products and services that I’ve created that are just selling without me necessarily having to do anything. And that is truly passive income. Because every month, I can expect that income is coming. I know exactly how much that income is going to be for the most part. I’m able to track that income. It is a legal income. I tax it. I pay taxes on it. It is legal and ethical. To me, that is the true definition of passive income. And we should all be striving to have multiple streams of passive income so we do not have to work or go to someone’s job to be able to have money and have income. This is the life that I am talking about and this is what we are creating –passive income. Active income is when you have to do something. So, I have a real estate license. And when I do real estate activities and I help someone buy a home for example. That is not passive. I have to get in my car or I have to help get the loan approved or do different things. That is active. So, now you know the difference between passive income and active income and now we are going to see 50 Best Passive Income Ideas. 

50 Best Passive Income Ideas

#1 Rent Out Your Car

#2 Make Passive Income in Rental Properties

#3 Rent Out Ad Space on Your Vehicle

#4 if you’ve Old Home Then Rent Your Old Home

#5 Start Renting Out Your Tools

#6 Advertisement Hoarding on Home Or Building

#7 Invest In a Real Estate Investment Trust

#8 Refer Friends to Great Products You Already Use

#9 Instagram Sponsored Posts

#10 Start an Affiliate Marketing Website

#11 Create Digital Products

#12 Start a Lead Generation Website

#13 Develop a Podcast and Sell Your Informational Products

#14 Sell an Ebook Online

#15 Create a Word Press Theme and Sell It

#16 Create An Application

#17 Create a Course On Udemy

#18 Create and Sell Digital Files on Etsy

#19 Create a Niche Membership Site

#20 Run a Site with Display Ads

#21 Selling On Amazon Fba Program

#22 Selling Stock Photos

#23 Building a Niche Affiliate Website

#24 Create A Graphics Bundle And Sell It Online

#25 Kindle Book Sales

#26 Buy a Blog

#27 Digital Product Sales On Fiverr

#28 Start a Drop Shipping Business

# 29 Creating A Blog Or Website

# 30 Start a YouTube Channel

#31 Start a Network Marketing

#32 Create an Online Course

#33 Be an Angel Investor

#34 Invest In Index Funds

#35 Invest In Annuities

#36 Invest Inventing Machines

#37 High Yield Savings Accounts and Money Market Funds

#38 Invest In Mutual Funds

#39 Invest In the Automatic Car Wash System

#40 Cd Laddering

#41 Become a Business Partner

#42 Crowd Funded Real Estate

#43 Refinance Your Mortgage

#44 Invest In Dividend Stocks

#45 Licensing Music

#46 Flipping Domain Names

#47 Annuities

#48 Invest In a Laundromat

#49 Start Peer-To-Peer Lending

#50 Start Micro-Investing

anybody can start building wealth at any time from anywhere today. all it takes is to have the right ideas and desire to take action on what you know or learn. you can start building your way up to financial freedom like many others have done. if you found this 50 Best Passive Income Ideas helpful then do not forget to share this with your friends and family

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